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Personal Information Collection Notification Letter

Welcome to Shihlin Electric Information Services. This system is provided by "SHIHLIN ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CORPORATION". To ensure the protection of personal data, privacy and interests of users, please read the contents of this letter before applying for services. When you press the "I have read and agree to a letter of information" button, it means that you are willing to use the electronic document In the exercise of the rights conferred by law, and with the effect of written consent.

This notice is based on the provisions of Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act in Taiwan, in the collection of your personal data when the statutory duty to inform.

First, the collection of the authority of the name: SHIHLIN ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CORPORATION  (hereinafter referred to as the Company)

Second, the purpose of collection: The Company to collect your personal information aims to effectively carry out various activities, promotion services and customer management and other related businesses.

Third, the collection of personal data categories:
      1. Identification categories: such as name, address, telephone, e-mail, account number and other personal data.
      2. Features: such as gender.
      3. Educational, technical or other professions: such as qualifications, technology or education.
      4. Employment situation: such as business name, workplace and other company information.
      5. When you use our website, we will use cookies to manage and record the activity record. Including record your IP address, browser type and time track information.

IV. Utilization period, region, object and mode:
      1. Period of Use The period of use of the Company's business or organization is unlimited.
      2. Use of the various business operations declared by the Company for the purpose of collection, including all communications and notices necessary for business execution.

Rights and Interests of Personal Data: You may exercise personal rights and rights in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act in Taiwan. Please contact us by telephone or by e-mail to our service staff at 02-28342662 # 229, E-mail

Sixth, the Company in the collection of your personal information, if the field marked as optional fill in, when you choose not to provide the personal information will not cause any impact on the rights.

The Company reserves the right to amend this notice, and we will inform you by way of the contact information provided by you or by way of an announcement on the website after you have corrected the contents of this letter. If you do not raise any objection or continue to use the Company Related services, you have agreed to change the contents of the Company.