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Oil Immersed Transformer

Energy Efficiency & Protective Environment Oil Immersed Transformer.
TEL:+886-2-2834-2662 #172

Max. Manufacture voltage & capacity: 36KV & 5000kVA
Energy saving
1.The iron core is made of high permeation laser silicon steel
sheets to greatly reduce iron loss.
2.Improvements have been made on coil structure to reduce copper
loss sharply.
3.By reducing iron & copper losses, the purpose of “super low
loss” & “super high efficiency” can be achieved and the
target of “energy saving” can be realized.
Space saving
Since the losses incurred during operation have been lessened,
the size of the radiator in the transformer can be relatively
cut down. Consequently the space required for installation of
this special transformer can be reduced by some 5%~15% in
comparison with that of other Shihlin general transformers.
Electricity cost saving
1.Due to the sharp decrease in full losses (by as much as 40%
~50%) a huge cut down effect on annual electricity cost can be
2.Short investment return period can be expected ( 2~5 years
approximately )

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