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Cast Resin Transformer

Dry Type Mold Cast Resin Transformer
TEL:+886-2-2834-2662 #172

Max. Manufacture voltage & capacity: 36KV & 10MVA.
High Voltage Coils:
1. Conductor Material: Good quality copper ( or aluminum)
wire with high electrical conductivity is used.
2. Winding: The unique technique by FRANCE TRANSFO
is applied. The voltage gradient of the coil is lower
that makes the product have the higher coil life and
voltage stress capability.
3. Resin: SiO2 is added to the world top quality F graded
resin to increase the resin thermal conductivity and
reduce the thermal stress.
4. Resin Reinforcement: Fiber glass mesh is used on the
outermost and the innermost layer of the coil to
reinforce resin. Not only the resin thickness can be
maintained but also the coil mechanics in absorbing
short circuit can be increased.
5. Casting: The Italian fully automatic resin casting
system is applied. The whole process is under tight
monitoring control to ensure the quality of each vacuum
casting procedure.
Low Voltage Coils:
1. Conductor Material: Good quality aluminum (or copper)
foil with high electrical conductivity is applied. This
technique reduces electromagnetic force.
2. Winding: High performance winding machine is used.
3. Insulation Materials: European high quality F graded
insulation materials are applied.
1. Silicon Sheets: The sheets are made by using Japanese or
European top class high permeability materials.
2. Cutting: The German GEORG equipment is used for cutting
the silicon sheets and the V-NOTCH and the STEP-LEPP
shearing methods are also applied to sharply increase
the iron core performance and reduce core noise.

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